Double-click (or click Edit) on the employee that you would like to terminate, and input the termination date under Employment Details.

Alternatively, from the Employee screen, select the employee and click terminate.

The latter method will allow further report printing and options, as shown below.

If an employee is terminated during the payroll month, the system takes care to work out the pro-rata payment of the salary, and recurring pay items. Pending leave and pending bonuses will be paid off in the employee's final payroll up to the termination date. To see how leave is paid off upon termination, click here.

Any calculations can be previewed by calculating the employee's final payroll. You can always delete the calculation afterward or insert any pay items to adjust the pay.

Terminating an employee with existing shifts in the Scheduler of Time & Attendance

If the employee you are terminating has existing shifts in the Scheduler of Indigo Time & Attendance, the system will prevent the termination from being processed.

There two ways to amend this:

1. Set the Termination date of the employee in the Employee Details section to the date of the last shift. 

2. Delete shifts in the Scheduler of Indigo Time & Attendance before terminating the employee. 

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