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Introduction to Performance Management
Introduction to Performance Management

Learn more about the module, main sections, accessing the module, setting user permissions

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What is Performance Management?

Regular employee reviews play a vital role in fostering both individual and company development. Typically held once or twice annually, these reviews can be taxing for both employees and managers. They can sometimes also be inefficient, and fall short of their intended impact as they necessitate recalling events and objectives from months prior.

In Indigo Suite, Performance Management is the module dedicated to monitoring your team’s performance over different time periods.

The goal of Performance Management is to streamline the performance review process.

  • The first building block of the performance review process, the Templates feature cuts down on time spent designing repetitive appraisals.

  • The My Teams and Employees screens give you strategically designed overviews to start reviews and track your team's progress.

  • Analytics is the remaining step to maximise the impact of a freshly conducted appraisal. This is an ongoing process of data analysis and discussion, even comparing and contrasting results between different performance reviews.

This module is set up and managed by your company's Indigo Admin. This user is then responsible to assign different users the desired permissions, each relating to the different features and functionalities of Performance Management.

Permissions related to Performance Management are listed and described in the final section of this article.

Main Sections

Performance Management has six sections: Personal, My Team, All Employees, Reviews, Analytics, and Templates. You can find these on the left-hand side of the page.


The Personal screen is accessible to all employees as soon as the Performance Management module is purchased by the company.

On this screen, you can view all your personal reviews, including pending, completed, and cancelled ones. To complete a pending review or view past review answers, simply click on the desired review from the list.

My Team

Only managers can access this section. Managers are users who have employees reporting to them, as set in the Organisation Chart.

Note: managers don’t automatically have the ability to make templates, do reviews, nudge employees, and use other features. They need to first be given the desired permissions by the company Indigo Admin, as explained in the final section.

My Team shows a grid listing all the employees in your team. The grid lists important information relevant to the employee's company and work details, Last Review date, Review Notes and Respondent Status.


Note: to access all features related to the Employees section, you must have the HR Administrator role.

If your permissions do not extend to all companies within your tenant, you will only be able to view employees from the companies for which you have viewing rights.

The Employees screen displays the same grid as in My Team and works exactly the same way, but instead shows all the employees from all companies across the tenant.


The Reviews section gives users of Performance Management the ability to view, analyse and maintain all reviews accessible to them in one screen.


The Performance Review process begins with the drafting of templates to base the review on. This feature is available in the Templates screen, which allows users to create and manage goal-oriented surveys, made up of pre-written or customised questions.

There are three different ways you can add questions to a template:

  1. using pre-written questions from the Question Bank;

  2. starting from an existing template;

  3. writing your own questions.

Managing permissions

After acquiring the Performance Management module, the company's Indigo Admin will automatically gain access to various permission sets in relation to Performance Management. These can be assigned to colleagues depending on their required level of access and specific usage needs within the module.

The table below contains a concise description of each permission set.


Access Given


View all tenant employees in the Employees section


Nudge an employee to complete a review


Create, cancel a review


Re-open a concluded review


Finalize a review


View the Analytics section


View the Overview tab


View the 9 box grid


View the histogram


View, Create, Update, Disable, Archive a template


Create, update a custom tenant question


Update question tags


View questions in the Question Bank

Which employees get access to what parts of the module is at the discretion of the company.

For example, in one company, one or more team managers might be granted the permissions to make templates and start reviews. In the case of another company, the same permissions may be exclusively granted to the Indigo Admin.

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