To create a shift pattern using your shift presets in Indigo Time & Attendance:

  1. In the left sidebar of Indigo, click Time and Attendance.
  2. In the Main section, click Scheduler.
  3. Add the individual shift presets into the Scheduler.
  4. Click and hold your mouse on the first shift and drag to the last shift preset. Then release.
  5. Click the three-dot menu, then click Save As Pattern.

The shift pattern will be saved. 

Shift patterns are marked by the black tabs beneath them.

Shift patterns will repeat themselves on the next open day

You can cut or replace individual shifts within the shift preset without affecting future shifts. You can also make quick edits or detailed edits to individual shifts without affecting future shifts.

Double-click a shift preset to open the shift preset's settings.

Creating five-day workweeks or rotational schedules as shift patterns

To create a standard five-day workweek pattern, be sure to leave weekends blank and include them in your pattern so that the shift pattern will not repeat on a Saturday or Sunday.

To create a rotational schedule, highlight and save the pattern without blank cells. The Scheduler will automatically set this pattern to repeat on the next open day.

The example below shows a two-days on, one-day off rotation. The three shifts are highlighted and set as a pattern.

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