The Allocations window has two tabs: Allocations and Clockings.

Click the pen icon in the Attendance Exceptions screens to open the Allocations window. The window contains attendance exceptions for the employee for one particular shift. You can cycle to the previous or next employee on the attendance exceptions list by clicking on the < and > arrows.

You will find Exceptions tags in the bottom-left corner of the window. These provide a summary of the attendance exception that has occurred for this employee's shift.

The Allocations tab

The Allocations tab shows an overview of the employee’s details and the attendance exception that has occurred during their shift. 

To resolve the employee’s excess time or absence balance, click the Set allocation button. 

If you wish to simply resolve the attendance exception without applying any further actions, such as penalties or rewards, click Mark as resolved.

Attendance less excess time shows the amount of time the employee is expected to work during the assigned shift. This is a balance of time in/out subtracted by the shift’s break time. 

Excess time balance shows the amount of time the employee worked in excess; in other words, the employee clocked out after the time out range of the shift.

Absence balance shows the amount of time the employee was absent from their shift. This can include late arrivals, mid-day absences, full-day absences, or missing clockings.

You can review the details of the attendance exception in the Clockings tab.

The Clockings tab

The Clockings tab has detailed information on the employee's clocking data. Clocking data is presented at the centre of the window.

The table of clocking data includes the number of clockings (#), the time clocked in, and the time clocked out. Clockings are grouped by date to help you clearly see when particular punches were created.

To the right of the clocking data, you will find shift preset details for the allocated shift for the given day.

You can manually adjust clocking data in this tab.

To see all your employees' clocking data for a selected period, go to Clocking data in Time & Attendance. 

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