Payroll Enhancements

  • The grid has been further improved by enhancing its caching functionality.
  • Error messages provided when deleting an employee are now more user friendly and descriptive.
  • Payslip generation process has been significantly improved through a new a thumbnail generation approach.
  • Additional columns (Employee Code, Full Name, Additional Information) have been added to the Audit log report to provide more details to the reported data.

Payroll Fixes

  • System will now give a warning when leave is applied for a short notice with less than the stipulated minimum request period.
  • Issue within the leave entitlement screen when filtering by Leave Description is now resolved.
  • Issue related to searching within the leave heat map has been resolved.
  • Adjustments to font sizes in the Leave heat map employee list to avoid overlap of long names.
  • Heatmap is now displaying all employees when employee codes are duplicate.
  • Persistency issue for employees' profile pictures is now resolved.
  • The Totals payroll report is now including the overtime concession tax value.
  • When selecting a Leave Hours Schedule of type 'Hours' during leave application, the system is now giving a warning that time from and time to must be specified if left empty.
  • Issue with applying for vacation leave overlapping midnight has now been resolved. System is now validating that Date To is not equal to Date From for such scenarios.
  • The issue related to the date range error when generating the leave accruals report has now been resolved.
  • Issue when adding additional hours to an employee working reduced hours has now been resolved.
  • Detailed payroll report is now displaying the cheque number instead of the payee code in its respective column.

T&A Enhancements

T&A Fixes

  • Column selection within the Allocate Attendance Exceptions screen is now being saved as per user preferences.
  • 'Block To Date' selection is not being controlled by TA_SchedulerLock security function.
  • The issue related to the Employee name and pay item description not showing in the Send To Payroll report has been resolved. 
  • The issue with the overtime rate not taking into consideration pay items (recurring adjustments) belonging to pay group 'Basic Pay' has been resolved

New APIs

  • Basic Pays Read
  • Basic Pays Insert
  • Basic Pays Update
  • Tax Profiles Read
  • Tax Profiles Insert
  • Tax Profiles Update
  • Banks Insert
  • Banks Update
  • Departments Update
  • Employees Read By Modified Date

API Enhancements

  • T&A Employee Details API has been extended to return the CanInsertClockings and CanViewClockings attribute in the return result.
  • GetClockings API is now returning Archived punches, identified by a new Archived property in the return result.
  • UpdateClockings API is now rejecting and updates for archived clockings.
  • API response format for calls failing due to missing Indigo permissions has been improved.

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