To apply for leave, click the "Apply" button as located in the Out of Office widget.

This will open the "Apply For Leave" window, which displays a calendar as shown below.

To view a different date range, select the appropriate dates using the "From" and "To" fields as highlighted in the screenshot above. The screen will update with the selected date range automatically.  

  • Applicant: This is your name. Leave will be applied for under this name. This field is for information purposes only.
  • Date From: Date from which your current leave request starts.
  • Date To: The last date of your current leave request. If you are applying for 1 day, this should be the same as your 'Date from'.
  • Leave Group*: If applying for leave as a group, select the leave group you are applying for. Available groups depend on the types supported by the company.
  • Leave Type:  If applying for leave as a type. select the leave type you are applying for. Available types depend on the types supported by the company.
  • Leave Hour Schedule: This field is for information purposes only and shows the leave schedule assigned to you.
  • Leave Hour Schedule Detail: Select the leave schedule as available per company policy.

*Leave Groups are a grouping method for similar types of leave that make it easier to apply for leave. As an example, Leave Groups can group together this year's Vacation Leave along with any vacation leave carried forward from last year, ensuring that the one that expires first is used first. Leave groups and types are configured by your company according to internal policies and procedures.

Enter any reference numbers and/or remarks and click Submit to submit your leave request.

Booking leave for employees in the Leave page of Indigo

You can also use the Leave page to book leave for your employees.

To do this, open the Leave in Indigo, and then click on the + (plus) icon in the functions bar. You can then choose the employee and then leave which they will take.


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