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How to apply for leave on behalf of someone else
How to apply for leave on behalf of someone else

Options to apply for absence on behalf of someone else

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In Indigo, you can have an employee apply for leave on behalf of another employee from within the same company or the whole tenant. There are two ways to do this.

Method 1

The first method to set this up is from within the Organisation Chart. In this way, the person applying on behalf of someone else will be that designated person located above the group of employees in the Organisation Chart.

In the example above, we can see that all three employees marked with a red arrow can apply for leave on behalf of their underlying employees. This means that within the employee dashboard of any one of these three employees, one will find a dropdown arrow adjacent to the apply button:

Method 2

The second method is to assign an employee from within the employee section. The employee you select will have the option to apply for leave on behalf of the employees you select only. There will be no other rights assigned to this employee.

To do this:

  1. Go to HR > Main > Employees.

  2. Select the tab 'Apply on behalf of'

  3. Click on '+' and add the employees.

Once in this screen, add the list of employees on whose behalf the selected employee can apply.

In the example above, employee with code 'A001' can apply on behalf of employee 'COYW01'. A practical example for such a scenario would be that in your company you have a receptionist and a cleaner. The cleaner does not have access to a computer, but the policy is that any absence requests are processed from within the system. You would have to select the receptionist employee and assign them the rights to apply on behalf of the cleaner from within this tab.

From within the 'Out of Office' widget, for both options above you would have these white arrows adjacent to the 'Apply' and 'Cancel' button. Each one of them will give you the option to apply or cancel on behalf of the employees underneath you in the Organisation Chart.

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