You may encounter an issue where you cannot finalise a payroll because you recently terminated employees with pay items left to be calculated. This kind of situation will block the payroll finalisation process; the system will ask you to delete those employees before you can finalise that payroll. In an attempt to do this, you will not find the employee in the payroll list.

To delete terminated employees from the payroll so that you can finalise that payroll:

  1. Go to the terminated employees' profile pages.

  2. Under the Employee Details section, remove the date of termination for each employee.

  3. Go to the payroll period which you are wanting to finalise. You will find the terminated employees back in the payroll list.

  4. Delete the employees from the payroll list and select all boxes in the Delete Selected Employees' Calculation pop-up window.

5. Re-enter the date of termination for each of the effected employees.

You can then proceed to calculate and finalise the payroll.

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