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Generating a Leave Request Audit spreadsheet template
Generating a Leave Request Audit spreadsheet template

You can generate a template spreadsheet to be used for inserting leave requests which can be imported into your Indigo system.

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Indigo can handle large data imports using Excel or other spreadsheet applications. 

You can generate a blank spreadsheet from the Leave Request Audit page in Indigo for the purpose of inserting leave requests by bulk in the spreadsheet. This can then be imported back into Indigo. 

To generate a leave request audit template spreadsheet:

  1. Go to Payroll and Leave > Main > Leave.

  2. In the Leave Request Audit, click on the Generate Template button in the functions bar.

  3. The template will download in your browser. Once downloaded, you can input the necessary data and save it.

When you are ready to import the file back into Indigo:

  1. Go to the Leave Request Audit.

  2. Click on Import File in the functions bar.

  3. Upload the file in the Import Leave Request Audit modal and click on Import

Once the file is imported, the Leave Request Audit grid will refresh to show the data from the file.

Import Leave by Total Hours

To generate a template with the option to import leave by total hours, the correct setting must first be enabled from Payroll and Leave > Settings > Payroll > Leave.

This will add a new column for Leave Action Type to the grid, showing whether the entry is Time or Hourly.

You will need to add new columns to the template for TotalHours and HoursPerDay.

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