21st May, 2020

Indigo | Useful optimizations for detail payroll, allocation return, audit log, and leave history reports

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With each update to Indigo, our technical, development, product, and quality assurance teams aim to deliver new and improved functionalities to help you run your business more efficiently. Today's release gives you:

  • The option to show all pay items, used or unused, in the detailed payroll report

  • Grouping by department, section, and unit in the allocation return report

  • Tracked changes to employee's previous employment history in the audit log report

  • The option to insert leave authoriser's comments in the leave history report.

On the performance side of the platform, we improved some things on the server side to provide a faster a startup experience. Indigo retrieves data from our servers at a faster rate. Cache loading (a method that stores data so that future requests for that data can be served faster) in Indigo has always received some improvements from our technical team.

Indigo Platform enhancements

  • We have made security enhancements to the platform to suppress malicious click-jacking attempts.

Indigo Payroll enhancements

  • Printing multiple finalised and published payslips for an employee from the Payroll History tab in the employee's profile page will not include the "Draft" watermark. Alternatively, payslips from either finalised or unfinalised payrolls and that have not been (re)generated or publish will retain the "Draft" watermark on them in the Payslip History tab. This optimization will assist you in identifying published and unpublished employee payslips in the Payroll History tab.

  • Changes made to an employee's previous employment and previous employment fringe benefits are now audited in the system. You can now find these changes in the audit log report.

  • We have configured the detailed payroll report to provide you the option to show all pay items in the report. Selecting the show all pay items box in the report setup will show all pay items available in the system in the final generated report, even the ones that have zero value to them within a given payroll period.

  • Leave authorisation remarks can now be printed on the leave history reports. Click the Include leave remarks to include both employee and authoriser remarks in the leave history report.

  • Company SSC is now visible in the calculation draft payslip window. Company SSC will not appear on the employee's printed payslip.

Indigo Payroll fixes and improvements

  • A timeout error and a page break error when trying to generate a leave situation report have been fixed.

  • We fixed errors for audit log reports where the report was not including the changes made on the same day that the report was being generated and employee names were being omitted from the report.

  • We fixed an error found in printed direct credit reports that was excluding an employee's name when it followed after an employee sharing the same name. The names of all employees should now be listed as expected.

  • Using the "batch mode (faster)" option when importing leave records into Indigo will no longer produce errors in the system.

  • Creating a new company with an invalid company code will not be accepted in the system as expected.

  • Leaving Indigo open (with an account logged in) for an extended amount of time will not produce an error that prevents you from navigating the platform.

  • An error message produced when attempting to delete a reallocation profile that is bound to an employee has been rephrased in a more descriptive and user-friendly manner.

  • We improved security permissions regarding the Employee Details report.

  • We fixed an issue with tax calculations that only affected clients who migrated from SPS this year and had overtime concession tax configurations.

Indigo Time & Attendance enhancements

  • NEW! You can now issue an allocation return report by department, section, or unit, in addition to the previously available cost centre option. These three grouping levels are now available options for you when generating an allocation return report. Additionally, you can choose to create page breaks to separate each group in the report.

  • Dates without an allocated shift will be locked after you send attendance records to payroll. This is to help you avoid allocating shifts to dates which have already been sent to a payroll period.

Indigo Time & Attendance fixes and improvements

  • An issue where a shift preset's assigned cost centre was being removed after opening the cost centre search window but no changes to the cost centre were made. Closing out of the cost centre pop-up window without changing the shift preset's cost centre will not disable the previously assigned cost centre.

  • Allocating split shifts in the Scheduler whose timing types (attendance versus attendance flexitime, for example) overlap each other will produce an error as expected.

  • A timeout error has been fixed that was caused when trying to run a scheduled hours report covering a significant amount of time (longer than one week, for example).

  • An issue where cancelled leave was incorrectly shown as an error in the Scheduler due to the Scheduler failing to properly refresh imported leave data has been fixed.

Indigo APIs

For developers, we have a new batch of APIs available for your beckoning:

  • Leave hour schedule date details Read API

  • Leave hour schedule dates Read API

  • Leave hour schedules Read API

  • Leave restricted days Read API

  • Leave calendar view Read API

  • Leave cancellation requests Insert API

  • Holidays read API

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