2nd July, 2020

Indigo | New options for you to print out employee payslips in an order of your choosing - a huge time saver!

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With the release of Indigo v., we've made it easier for you to organise your payslips before they leave your printer! Indigo Payroll now lets you print payslips by an order and sub-order of your choosing. You can choose to print your published payslips by order of company, cost centre, department, section, or unit, and by further sub-order of employee code, employee name, or employee surname.

We have prepared a help article to show you how you can sort your payslips prior to printing.

As always, there are a number of helpful fixes and performance improvements to your Indigo Suite to make your day-to-day people management duties easier. Please read below to find out what else we have done in today's release!

Indigo Platform enhancements

  • Enhanced error logging to assist us in tracking issues and handling errors in Indigo.

  • Improved performance for loading data to grids in your system.

  • Indigo's security has been further enhanced to help the system detect and mitigate Cross Site Scripting (XSS) and data injection attacks.

Indigo Payroll enhancements

  • NEW! You can now print your payslips by different orders and sub-orders of your choosing. This optimization to Indigo Payroll allows you to choose the order at which payslips are printed. You can order payslips by company, cost centre, department, section, or unit, and further sub-order them by employee code, employee name, or employee surname.

Indigo Payroll fixes and improvements

  • A timeout issue when trying to issue a detailed payroll report was fixed.

  • Submitting a leave request that is timed outside of an employee's work schedule profile is rejected by the system as expected.

  • Date ranges for all reports are excluded from being saved when using the Remember generated report settings checkbox.

  • An issue where searching for an employee in the Payroll Calculation screen but the incorrect employee was shown has been fixed.

  • The audit log reports have been improved to include page numbers in the footer. There is also a fix that prevents the report from including fields that were not amended.

  • Fixes have been made to the leave situation report. The fix prevents the report from showing a value of 0 for taken leave.

  • Fixes made to the social security validation and calculation process during payroll finalisation. The system's rounding processes have been improved to help fix this issue.

Indigo Time & Attendance enhancements

Indigo Time & Attendance fixes and improvements

  • An issue caused when generating a punches summary report that resulted with no data within the date parameters set by the user and when using the Remember generated report settings checkbox that was later affecting the page's ability to load employee data in the grid has been fixed.

  • Two issues with shift patterns have been fixed. First, shift patterns will not be listed twice in the dropdown menu in the Scheduler. Second, we fixed an issue where shift pattern were not being populated after you type the pattern into a cell.

  • We have improved the performance of the shift present search functionality in the Scheduler; the system returns the desired shift preset according to the user's search query as expected.

Indigo Mobile

  • A filtering issue that was preventing one from logging in to their user account in the application has been fixed.

Indigo APIs

  • Get Leave Requests sorts results by ascending date and time.

  • Mechanisms handling API calls improved in order to reduce bottlenecks.

  • Improved call speed for Get Employee Details API.

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