3rd February 2021

Indigo | Resubmit leave requests and add manual exceptions for scheduled work

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We have plenty of new functionalities for you in today's Indigo Suite update. Check them out below!

[For notes on quick fixes and minor updates to this version of Indigo, scroll down below or go here.]

Resubmit leave requests with ease

Sometimes, the time employees actually take for leave differs than what was originally requested, or the leave request's timings or details need last-minute tweaking. Instead of having to cancel the leave request and enter details all again into the system, you can now cancel the original request and resubmit a new one in one go with the Resubmit function in the Leave module.

A new column called Resubmit has been added to the Leave module. By clicking the resubmit button next to a leave record, Indigo will cancel that request but retain all of its timings and data in a new form, allowing you to make the adjustments as needed, such as dates, times, leave types, and more. You can then submit the modified request and go on your way.

This added functionality to the Leave module ought to save you time, hassle, and headaches whenever you need to make slight modifications to leave records.

Allocate rewards and penalties for scheduled shifts in your Scheduler

You can now allocate rewards and penalties manually in your Scheduler for individual shifts, providing you the ability to appropriately handle attendance exceptions and an individual basis. Indigo Attendance has long supported the assignment of rewards and penalties to shift presets, but now you can modify individual scheduled shifts with your custom rewards and penalties as needed. This is a great way for you to handle attendance exceptions for individual shifts in your Scheduler.

Retrieve employee profile images from Indigo and use them in other software using Indigo APIs

Our API library continues to grow, and in this update we have included the Employee Profile Image API. APIs, or application programming interface, allow two or more software systems to talk to each other. With the Employee Profile Image API, you can take employee profile images in Indigo and use them in your other business software applications, reducing the need to re-upload the same image for each and every employee on your roster.

If you want to get started with APIs, have your development team visit our developer's portal and our developer's help centre.

We have plenty more to share with you about this release of the Indigo Suite. Please read on to see what else we have for you in Indigo!

Indigo Payroll fixes and improvements

  • You can now enter remarks for your occupation support files.

  • A validation has been removed to allow you to tick the Public holiday leave box for leave types belonging to any leave group. Previously, only "General" leave group types could be marked as a public holiday leave.

  • Updating a company name in settings is effective in the system immediately after confirming the update.

  • Leave types with the "Can request from" and "Can request to" fields empty will no longer trigger an error in the global leave pay off utility.

  • An issue where users could multiply identical leave records by clicking the submit button repeatedly in the Employee Portal has been fixed.

  • Tax values reported in the FSS info pop-up box of the payroll calculation page and in the FSS report match as expected.

  • An issue where FS3s and electronic lodgements reported the incorrect "date to" dates has been fixed.

  • An error preventing the generation of leave history reports has been fixed.

  • Revolut direct credit files received some fixes. The country ISO code, address lines 1 and 2, city, and post code columns in the direct credit file report the correct values or data.

  • Issues where foreign employee ID numbers caused electronic lodgement generation to fail have been fixed.

  • An issue where split payments divvied by percentage led to total checksum values in direct credit files has been fixed.

  • Issues with OT amount with a corresponding 0 OT tax value causing electronic lodgement submission failures have been fixed.

  • Pay item taxation profiles are now primarily linked to an employee's FSS status.

  • UI fixes to the leave approval screen: the x (cancel) button is rendered correctly.

Indigo Time & Attendance fixes and improvements

  • Send to payroll preview reports now include error messages to alert you when a shift that is to be sent to payroll lacks a leave hour schedule.

  • Issues with filtering leave situation reports by employees have been fixed.

  • An issue for hourly employees where overtime rewards set "on a specific day" would not trigger the basic hours part when the shift is a night shift has been fixed.

  • Issues where leave entries were duplicated in the Scheduler because the leave import process was triggered multiple times from different system logins have been fixed. Leave entries will not be duplicated following multiple, separate instances of leave imports as expected.

  • Issues with shifts are visible in the Scheduler following the import leave process as expected.

  • Improved how attendance timings are calculated for paid breaks.

Indigo APIs

  • Employee Profile Image Read and Password Policies Read APIs are now available in our developer's portal.

Minor fixes and updates for Indigo

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