Indigo Attendance provides you the ability the create rewards and penalties for shift exceptions in your system. Rewards and penalties can be assigned to shift presets for employees, meaning that they will be automatically triggered when clocking data is imported and the system recognises discrepancies between the timing of the shift and the actual clocking data.

You can also allocate rewards and penalties manually in your Scheduler for individual shifts. This provides you the ability to appropriately compensate or deduct pay or time to employees for an individual shift which they worked.

To allocate a reward or penalty to a shift in your Scheduler:

  1. Open your Scheduler, and double-click on the shift to which you want to allocate the reward or penalty.

  2. In the shift settings pop-up window, go to the Rewards or Penalties tab.

  3. Select the reward or penalty you wish to assign to the shift

  4. Click on Update to confirm the changes.

Rewards and penalties already assigned to the shift will be check marked in the window.

When allocating a reward or penalty to a shift in your Scheduler, the shift will become detached, meaning that only that particular shift, and not its other instances in the Scheduler, will be modified with the changes. Detached shifts are marked with the letter "d" next to the name of the shift.

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