22nd March 2021

Indigo | Two new schedule reports, CITI Bank direct credit files, and overall security and performance refinements

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We are pleased to present Indigo This is one of the our biggest updates of the year so far, as it includes:

  • Two new reports in Indigo Attendance -- employee schedule and daily schedule reports -- to help you oversee your labor staffing and operations.

  • CITI Bank direct credit files can be processed in Indigo.

  • New reporting options for payroll, leave accruals, and leave situation reports that provide great depth of data and information in these reports.

  • The ability to add remarks to your leave write-offs.

  • Improved performance of the recalculation process for attendance exceptions allocations.

  • Further security improvements that increasingly optimize protection of sensitive data against attackers and online threats.

The above list does not even include the other improvements and tweaks we have made to make your Indigo Suite run at peak performance.


Indigo platform enhancements

  • An improvement was made to the system that enhances the recalculation process in the allocations screen of Indigo Attendance. This improvement prevents the recalculation process from running twice unnecessarily.

  • We continue to enhance the overall security of the Indigo platform. We have bolstered certain areas in the system that will prevent attackers from obtaining sensitive information.

Indigo Payroll enhancements

  • CITI Bank direct credit files now available in Indigo.

  • You now have the option to report leave accruals in hours in the leave accruals report. This gives you the choice of reporting leave accrual records in this report either by days or hours.

  • The option to add remarks to leave write-offs has been added. This gives you the ability to add important notes relevant to the leave write-offs in you system.

  • All payroll reports that support grouping options can now be grouped by cost centres. The different payroll reports in Indigo include head count, benefits, staff turnover, maternity leave fund, advanced payments, contributions, and VOPS reports.

  • The leave situation report can be created to show summarized total leave entitlements, leave taken, period leave balance, and current leave balance by department. This is done by checking the Summary option (and by selecting Departments for Group level 1).

Indigo Payroll fixes and improvements

  • Generating direct credits with Revolut as the source bank works as expected.

  • Termination leave pay off works correctly.

  • The BNF Bank logo appears on direct credit windows as expected.

  • Unpaid leave is deducted at the proper basic rate as expected. There were instances where unpaid leave was deducted at the rate set when the leave was requested rather than considering the current, updated rate.

Indigo Attendance enhancements

  • A new report called the employee schedule report is now available in Indigo Attendance. The employee schedule report in Indigo Attendance allows you to export shift data from your Scheduler to a spreadsheet. The report is a replication of found in your Scheduler, and shift data can be grouped by occupations, cost centre, department, section, or unit.

  • Daily schedule report is a report that groups and sorts your scheduler data by occupation or shift types. It is a great report to issue if you want to have the day's schedule organised by your company's occupation group or shift names.

Indigo Attendance fixes and improvements

  • The "Pattern saved successfully" toaster message syncs with the completion of the allocation of a shift pattern in the Scheduler as expected.

  • The "Pattern cleared successfully" toaster message syncs with the completion of the clearing of a shift pattern in the Scheduler as expected.

  • Deleting shifts works as expected.

  • Importing a budget via Excel spreadsheet in the Budgeting screen updates the Budgeting widget as expected.

  • The system calculates the correct number of days for leave accruals reports.

Quick fixes and minor updates

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