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30th June 2021

Indigo | Updates to daily scheduler, direct credits, and payroll preview reports; new pop-ups in Scheduler; new APIs

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This version of the Indigo Suite sees new reporting options and design improvements for the daily scheduler, direct credits, and payroll preview reports, giving you more data in your hands to help you make the most informed decisions for your company.

We also added pop-up notifications in the Scheduler that notify you of when changing the block Scheduler date has successfully updated.

There is a collection of new APIs for you to utilise in your custom integrations with the Indigo Suite.

We invite you to take a read below to see the finer details of the above improvements and to discover the rest of the fixes and enhancements we have made to your recently repainted Indigo Suite.


Indigo Payroll enhancements

  • A new column called titled "Amount + Bank Charges" has been added to direct credit reports to show you the full amount that will be credited from banks.

Indigo Payroll fixes and improvements

  • Setting rates for overtime and basic hour pay items can include up to four decimal places, and the system will retain these four decimal places when the pay items are used across the Payroll and Attendance modules.

  • A bug that was preventing a user from editing contribution values in pay items or overtime pay item have been fixed.

  • Performance improvements made to the Previous Employment page of the Employee profile: clicking the Save button to confirm edits will change the page from edit mode as expected.

  • We fixed an issue where employee codes were missing from Excel versions of leave situation reports. You will find employee codes in this report as expected.

  • Filtering employees in the head count report behaves as designed.

  • Issues with the calculations of reallocations for the detailed payroll report have been fixed.

  • UI and menu alignment issues for Indigo users using Safari have been fixed.

  • Users from one company with user filters applied are once again able to apply for leave on behalf of an employee from another company (on the same tenancy) that does not have the same user filters applied.

  • We fixed a UI issue in the Employee Portal where hovering your mouse over an employee's name in the Apply for Leave widget would cause the name to obscure the leave type.

  • Employee basic pay data loads on initial opening of the Basic Pays tab of the Employee page as expected.

Indigo Attendance enhancements

  • Improvements to the daily scheduler report in Attendance:
    1. A new option to issue the report by with grouping by original shift name.
    2. Spacing in the report has been truncated as neatly as possible to save reduce the number of pages needed for the report

  • The Send To Payroll preview report has received some improvements to make it more informative for you on what is being sent from Indigo Attendance to Payroll via the Send to Payroll tool. The improvements include the split of the basic hours column into two between "Add" and "Replace"; the date of the allocations appears in a "Date" column next to the employees name; leave requests are grouped by cost centre.

  • We have added pop-up notifications in the Scheduler to inform you of when blocking Scheduler to date is updated and is successful.

Indigo Attendance fixes and improvements

  • Missing Clocking tags are not assigned to scheduler entries marked as leave as expected.

  • We fixed a bug where users could not view allocations in the Resolve Attendance Exceptions window after they were transferred to Payroll.

  • Break times are considered as expected when leave is auto-split between two leave types. This results in the system calculating the correct timings in these instances.

  • Tracked breaks are more accurately considered for flexible shifts. Breaks will be deducted from the actual amount of the break rather than at the start of at the end of the break.

Indigo APIs

We have a new APIs for you to use for your custom Indigo Suite and third-party software integrations:

  • GET basic pays for a given company

  • READ employee pay items

  • GET accounting interface

  • READ calculation payment detail

  • READ calculation employer liability detail

Visit our developer's help centre or check out our Indigo Suite API Developer Portal for more information.

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