9th May 2022 | New BambooHR Leave Integration, Employee View in Scheduler; leave applications by hours; and others

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This week has seen our team working hard across the board to bring our users new features, improvements and fixes.

In Payroll, applications via the Leave Request Audit can now be submitted by hours, and employees whose official names are different to their daily ones can now have their daily name updated in the Employees page in our new 'Also Known As' field; and the Leave History report has more information visible when exported to Excel.

Meanwhile in Attendance, we have a new view in the Scheduler allowing users to see all, scheduled, or unscheduled employees for a given time range. Users can now record notes in the Clocking Data, Clocking Widget, and lock shifts in the Scheduler via remarks for future reference.

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Feature Spotlight: Employee View in the Scheduler

We have included a new operational function to better manage the Employee View on the Scheduler. You can now select the Unscheduled Only employees to quickly view available resources or to double-check that all employees are allocated to their shifts, while the view of Scheduled Only employees enables you to confirm that all the required staff compliment is allocated as expected. Use this new powerful feature together with the filtering by Cost Centre to validate that the weekly schedule is complete with the required resources to manage the business unit or location as expected.

Payroll Enhancements

  • In the Leave Request Audit, you can now submit and approve leave requests by total hours or by hours per day.

    This must first be enabled via Payroll > Settings > Payroll > Leave, and is not recommended for T&A users.

    For more information, check out the Leave Request by Hours section of this article.

  • We have added a new field for 'Also Known As' to the employee profile, for those employees who are known by a different name to their official one.

  • The following fields are now available in the generated report when exporting Leave History to Excel:

    • Cancellation Requested By

    • Cancellation Requested On

    • Cancellation Approved By

    • Cancellation Approved On

Payroll Fixes and Improvements

  • When creating a subcontracted employee for Attendance purposes only, the system will not prompt for short term benefits, tax profile, payment type, or payslip method as they are not required.

  • When ticking 'Hide Zero Balances' and 'Deduct Leave Pending Approval from Balance' in the Leave Situation report, the report is generated as intended.

  • An error message will pop up if the user adds a pay item to a Payroll for an employee with a different frequency.

  • In the Payslip, the total hours are showing as intended when the setting for grouped basic hours is unticked.

  • We have made improvements to the Employee Basic Pay Difference report.

Attendance Enhancements

  • In Clocking Data and the Clocking Widget respectively, it is now possible for authorisers to enter a remark when editing an employee's punch and for portal users to enter remarks on their clocking record. This makes it easy to record the reason for the amendment for future reference. Users need to enable this via the setting in Payroll > Settings > Time and Attendance > Clockings.

  • It is now possible to add remarks to Locked shifts in the Scheduler, which can be accessed and saved by clicking on the shift's menu and selecting Settings.

Attendance Fixes and Improvements

  • The shift allowance cost is calculating as intended in the Scheduler.

  • When using the Quick Edit function in the Scheduler, the dropdown list is displayed as expected.

Quick fixes and minor updates

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