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Introduction to Skills & Training
Introduction to Skills & Training
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What is Skills & Training?

This feature is Indigo's solution for storing valuable information regarding employees' education, skillset and knowledge.

To access this feature, go to HR > Main > Employees' Skills & Training.

Users will need the HR_Skills permission set assigned to them to be able to view and access this feature. Depending on their assigned permissions, team leaders or managers may only have access to view their own team and not the whole tenant, so All Employees might not be visible to these users.

Main Sections

Skills & Training is made up of 3 sections: My Team, All Employees, and Exports. Each of these can be accessed from the left side menu of the feature.

My Team

This section is only visible to those users who have people reporting to them in the Organisation Chart. My Team shows a grid listing all the employees in the user's team. The user can access each employee's Skills & Training dashboard by clicking on the arrow on the far right of the employee entry, or by double-clicking on the employee's entry.

All Employees

All Employees displays the same grid as in My Team and works exactly the same way, but instead shows all the employees from all companies across the tenant.

If you do not have rights to all the companies in your tenant, then you will only be able to see employees in the companies for which you have viewing permission.


The Exports section contains a grid that lists all entries for each employee visible to you in My Team and/or All Employees in Skills & Training, divided by tab, and provides an export function.

There are three tabs:

  • Training: click on this tab to see the data for all training and certification entries.

  • Skills: this tab shows all information for skill entries.

  • Languages: choose this tab to view all data for language entries.

Each tab functions in the same way, containing the same type of grid list and the following actions: filter, export, and search.

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