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[Administrators] Set up and manage Indigo Mobile for your company
[Administrators] Assign Indigo Mobile permissions to Indigo Attendance users
[Administrators] Assign Indigo Mobile permissions to Indigo Attendance users

Give your users access to the Indigo Mobile app so they can Clock In & Out

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Assigning Indigo Mobile permissions to Indigo users

There are two permissions required to access and use Indigo Mobile. These are automatically seeded to new tenants, but older tenants may need to first create a permission set and then assign it to their users.

For those admins who need to assign permission to their users, there are two ways you can go about it:

Basic Permissions

The basic permissions needed for Indigo Mobile are:

  • TA_ApiPunchesAttendance with Insert and View actions enabled.

  • TA_ApiScheduler with the View action enabled.

  • TA_PersonalPunchesDevice with Insert and View actions enabled.

If all of a company's employees need to be assigned permissions for Indigo Mobile, you can do this by adding the basic Indigo Mobile permissions to the company's Employee permission set.

Optional Permission Sets

There are certain features in Indigo Mobile that would only be used by a smaller number of employees using the app. These features have their own permission sets.

Permission Set Code

Assigned Permissions

Access Granted



Users will be able to insert missing clockings if they forget to clock in or out of a shift.



Allows the user to edit existing clockings in their app.



The user will be able to manually enter clockings on a day without a clocking pair. These can only be inserted in pairs, as clock-ins and clock-outs.



This allows the user to install and login to the app on several mobiles or tablets.



Enables the user to login with more than one profile on their device.

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