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Time Tracking by Project in Indigo Mobile
Time Tracking by Project in Indigo Mobile

Learn how to clock in and out of projects and switch between them using your phone

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Indigo Mobile allows you to choose specific projects when clocking in and out for work. You can do this if your company's Indigo Administrator has turned on this option for you in HR > Main > Employees.

This is what your phone display will look like with projects enabled (left) and disabled (right):

Note to Administrators: The Indigo Mobile App works hand in hand with Indigo Attendance. Only employees marked as Attendance Employees in HR > Main > Employees can be invited to use the app and its features.

Clocking in and out of a project

The Blue Button Method

  1. On the Home screen, tap the blue button at the bottom right.

  2. Tap Select a Project.

  3. Tap on the project you wish to work on.

  4. Slide to clock in.

  5. Tap the blue button again to see your shift details.

  6. From this menu, slide to clock out.

You can see information on this and other clockings from the My Schedule screen.

  1. Tap My Schedule at the bottom centre.

  2. Tap the date you want to check and then tap Clocking.

  3. You will see a list of your shifts, along with the projects you worked on.

The Manual Clocking Method

For those employees who have been granted optional permissions to the Indigo Mobile app, they can use this method to clock in for a project.

  1. From the My Schedule screen, tap the date you want to add a manual clocking to.

  2. Tap Clocking at the top right.

  3. Tap + Add Manual Clocking at the top right corner.

  4. From the new screen, you have a number of settings to configure. Tap Select a Project to pick the project you wish to work on.

  5. Set a Clock-in and Clock-out time and add a remark if needed.

  6. Tap the blue Submit Manual Clocking button at the bottom when done.

Finding your projects faster

A number of features in the Select a Project screen make finding your desired project easier, especially useful to companies with a large number of projects.

  1. Favourite a Project - tap on the yellow star besides the desired project to favourite it. Tap again to undo this. A filled-in star indicates that a project is a favourite.

  2. Filtering your Projects - By tapping Recent, you will be shown a number of projects you have recently clocked into. Tapping Favourites will show you a list of projects you have marked as favourites, as in the step above.

  3. Searching for Projects - Tap the space labeled Search for project and type the name of your project. When done, press the magnifying glass. This will bring up any projects with names that match your search.

Switching projects mid-clocking

Indigo Mobile lets you switch projects without having to clock out and in again.

  1. While clocked into a project, tap the blue Clock Out button.

  2. In the Project Selected box with the green border, tap Switch Project.

  3. In the new menu, you have two options:

    1. Modify Current Project: this will change the project selected for the whole of your current clocking.

    2. Start a New Project: tapping this option will automatically clock you out of the previous project and clock you in to the newly selected project.

The Switch Project button is also available in the Project Selected screen from the Add a Manual Clocking method, if you have the permission for this. The process is the same as above.

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