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Logging into the Indigo Mobile app and Setting an Access Code
Logging into the Indigo Mobile app and Setting an Access Code

Learn how to login to Indigo Mobile app v.2, and how to set and reset an Access Code

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To login to Indigo Mobile and set an access code:

  1. Launch the Indigo Mobile app on your mobile phone.

  2. Type your Indigo username into the Login screen and tap Continue.

  3. Enter your password and tap Continue.

  4. On the Terms and Conditions pop-up, tap Agree.

  5. You will be asked to set a four-digit access code for your device. Once you have typed it in, tap Set Access Code.

  6. The app will prompt you to use biometrics to sign in quickly and securely. Choose Use Biometrics to go ahead, or Maybe later to continue without enabling biometrics to sign in.

  7. If it is the first time accessing the app, you will be asked to allow Indigo to access your location. Tap Allow Access to proceed.

  8. The app will take you to your Home screen.

You can go ahead and use Indigo Mobile to clock in or out, check your Schedule and past clockings, or simply log out of the app.

Any additional accounts that you add to your Indigo Mobile app on the same device will use the same device code.

Changing or recovering your access code

  1. Open the Indigo Mobile app.

  2. On the access code screen, tap on 'Change or recover access code'.

  3. In the next screen, you will be asked to enter your email address to reset your access code. Tap on the 'Get Code' button.

  4. The screen will reload with the message 'An Access code reset email was sent to your Indigo account email.' If you do not receive the email, press the 'Send Again' button.

  5. Check your email inbox for the reset email. It will contain a 'Change PIN' button. You will need to tap that button from a device on which the Indigo app is installed.

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