Various widgets are available for use in the Employee Portal, with different uses and functionalities. These are the widgets available at the moment:

  • Reporting - Provides links to the user's available reporting tools
  • My Attachments - Provides a list of the user's attachments in Shireburn Indigo Payroll
  • My FS3s - Provides a list of FS3s relevant to the user
  • My Payslips - Provides a list of the user's payslips
  • My Profile - Provides an overview of the user's profile
  • My Leave Year Planner - Provides a calendar overview of upcoming leave, public holidays, pending leave and other related information
  • Leave Balances - Provides a comprehensive overview of the user's leave balances
  • Leave - Gives leave information, such as staff on leave today, staff on sick leave today, any pending leave applications and other such data
  • Out of Office - Provides an overview of staff who are out of the office for the day, while containing buttons for applying and cancelling leave
  • Staff Reporting to me - Shows your staff's leave balances. Detailed information about this widget can be found here.
  • Corporate Documents Widget - Upload, View and Manage documents available for all employees in the company. Detailed information about this widget can be found here.

To see how these are used in the Employee Portal while being given a more comprehensive overview to widgets, click here.

To see how to ADD these widgets to the Employee Portal, click here.

Move, Add or Remove Widgets:


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