Indigo Attendance provides you with the ability to maintain a list of rewards and penalties with which to allocate towards attendance that is recorded but no Scheduler entry exists. The hours worked in such a case is identified as an unscheduled attendance.

You can assign the unscheduled reward or penalty to employee groups or shift presets in your system. This kind of reward or penalty is ideal to allocate to "Off" shifts in your Scheduler, or any shift preset used to denote that the employee has no scheduled work for the day.

The Unscheduled Work condition applies to both rewards and penalties. To configure an unscheduled work reward or penalty:

  1. Open either the Rewards or Penalties page in Indigo Attendance.

  2. Click on + New Penalty.

  3. In the Condition dropdown menu, select Unscheduled Work.

  4. Configure the unscheduled condition's rule type, and assign it to any shift or employee group that you wish.

  5. Click Save to confirm.

Unscheduled attendance rewards can be configured for the following rule types:

  • Add allowance

  • Change hourly rate

  • Allocate time

  • Add leave entitlement

  • Add allowance (formula)

Unscheduled attendance penalties can be configured for the following rule types:

  • Change hourly rate

  • Deduct allowance

  • Treat absence as leave

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