12th August 2020

Indigo | Updated IBAN register and a number of improvements and fixes to the Payroll and T&A modules

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Today's update to your Indigo Suite includes a number of improvements and tweaks to the Payroll and Time & Attendance modules.

Some things to highlight include an updated IBAN register in Indigo that allows the system to validate IBAN numbers; the copy & paste button in the functions bar transfers all data to the new profile as expected; and reporting fixes to the payroll monthly gross totals and allocation return reports.

Please read to discover how we have improved your Indigo Suite, the award-winning and cloud-based people management platform for payroll, leave, and attendance management.


Indigo Payroll enhancements

  • IBAN register in Indigo has been updated, further enhancing Indigo's IBAN validation methods.

Indigo Payroll fixes and improvements

  • A calculation error reading "The field Hours must be between 0 and 99999999.99" following the insert of overtime hours for an employee has been fixed. This was caused by the system not identifying a change of employment type (usually part-time to full-time) in the employee's profile.

  • Pro-rata leave entitlements adds up leave transactions for all leave groups but ignores Out of Office records as expected.

  • Improved Daily rate bonus calculations for leave accruals for reduced hours employees.

  • Calculation issues in the payroll monthly gross totals report have been fixed. The report, at times, was not calculating the gross value less fringe benefits correctly.

  • Issues with the country field in the employee profile page showing invalid data have been fixed.

  • Using the Copy & Paste button from the functions bar in the Employees page will duplicate all fields as expected. There were issues where the partner ID number would not paste into the new profile.

  • HTML markup is removed from the Remarks field of cheque layouts.

  • Errors in calculating sick benefit deductions on public holidays have been corrected.

  • We fixed an issue where tax and SSC titles were repeated on payslips equally for every time a user regenerated the same payslip within a few seconds.

  • Gross totals reports show cash fringe benefits correctly as expected. There were instances where cash fringe benefits were added twice in the total of the gross totals report.

  • Improved image insertion in employee forms.

Indigo Time & Attendance fixes and improvements

  • Shift patterns allocated to employees with a termination date will not be flagged with an issue label if the pattern is allocated beyond the employee's termination date.

  • Rounding issues have been fixed for contributions sent to payroll from the Attendance Exceptions page.

  • Users can add as many leave entitlements as desired to an employee's amended attendance allocations as expected. We fixed a bug that was preventing one from allocating add leave entitlements with the same leave type on the same day for an employee.

  • Hourly Paid employees are now marked correctly in yellow in the Scheduler as expected.

  • Night shifts are reported as one attendance entry in the allocation return report as expected.

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