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Enabling sick leave application through the Portal
Enabling sick leave application through the Portal

Allowing employees to apply for sick leave and approvers to approve sick leave on the portal

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By default, Indigo is set up so that an employee cannot apply for sick leave via the portal. This can be changed through a few simple steps in Settings.

To enable this in a company, go to Payroll and Leave > Main > Settings, then go to Leave in the left sidebar.

There are two options related to sick leave application:

1. Can employee apply for sick leave from portal

Enabling this setting will allow any employee to apply for their own sick leave. This sick leave must be approved by an administrator if the second option 'can approvers approve sick leave from portal' is not enabled.

Upon enabling this option, the employee will be able to see two new options in their leave group field when applying for leave on the portal.

They can simply select this from the drop-down menu like they would with normal leave, fill in the fields, and click apply.

2. Can approvers approve sick leave from portal

Approvers will be able to approve sick leave requests from the Portal just like any other leave request. The sick leave requests will appear in the Leave widget under 'Leave awaiting your approval'.

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