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Adding clocking remarks in Indigo Mobile
Adding clocking remarks in Indigo Mobile

Learn how to clock in and out of projects through your mobile phone

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A remark is a brief, optional note that can be attached to a clocking.

Enabling Remarks

The setting to add remarks to clockings needs to be enabled by the company's Indigo Administrator. 

  1. Go to Attendance > Main > Settings > Attendance > Clockings.

  2. Click the Edit (pencil) icon.

  3. Tick 'Remarks in clocking widget'.

  4. Press Save.

This setting will also allow users to add remarks in the browser version of Indigo.

Adding a Clocking Remark

  1. In the app's Home screen, tap the blue button on the bottom right to bring up your clocking.

  2. In the clocking details drawer, tap on the Add Remark button and type your note in the text box.

  3. After writing your remark, tap the checkmark key (✔) on your keypad.​

Editing a Clocking Remark

To edit a clocking remark before you clock out:

  1. Repeat step 1 from above.

  2. The clocking details drawer will open, showing the Edit Remark button in the same place as the Add Remark button was earlier. Tap Edit Remark.

  3. The text box will open, go ahead and update your note.

  4. Once you have updated the remark, remember to tap the check-mark key () on your keypad.

After you clock out, you will be able to to see your remark in the Clocking tab under the related clocking pair.

  1. From the My Schedule screen tap the date of the clocking remark you wish to check.

  2. Tap Clocking at the top right.

  3. Scroll down to find the required clocking pair. Your remark will appear at the bottom of the pair, in line with a purple chat bubble symbol.

You can edit your remark until you clock out. To edit or delete a remark on a clocking that has been closed, contact your administrator.

To your administrator, your remark will look like the following:

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