16th April, 2020

Indigo 1.68 | New report in Time & Attendance and several speed and performance enhancements in Payroll

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The latest version of Indigo comes with several points of performance improvements for Payroll, Time & Attendance, and Indigo Mobile. 

There is a new report available for you in Time & Attendance. As the name suggests, the Late Arrival and Early Departure report allows you to gather late arrival or early departure exceptions in one document. 

Below you will also find that we have quickened the processes of payslip generation and importing leave into your Schedulers. There are a number of other improvements to Indigo's performance. 

Thanks, and continue to stay safe out there!

Indigo platform enhancements

  • We have introduced an option to cache support files locally in the web browser in order to bypass needless server look-ups. This improves the speed at which support files can be searched for and used during payroll runs. This option is available upon request.

Indigo platform improvements and fixes

  • Internal stability and performance enhancements.

Payroll improvements and fixes

  • Payslip generation is quicker and more efficient.

  • Employee and payroll data migration to Indigo Payroll has been improved. 

  • The organisation chart received stability improvements. 

  • Uploading custom icons to mail templates has received performance and stability enhancements; custom icons are no longer lost when mail templates are exported to PDFs. 

  • User permission verification within the system has been improved upon and stabilised. 

  • We have fixed an isolated issue where leave which was cancelled in Indigo Payroll was not reported as leave after being imported into the Scheduler of Time & Attendance, thus producing calculation errors in the punches summary report

  • SSC reallocations set as per basic hour transaction cost will, as expected, reallocate to the default cost centre and not the reallocation cost centre.

  • Days which are restricted for leave work as expected. The system will prevent the approval of leave on days which have been restricted by the administrator.

  • There were instances where the system prevented users from entering more than 100 contributions to a pay item when calculating payroll. This has been fixed. 

  • Filters in the leave entitlements page have received stability enhancements. 

  • An error has been fixed where pay for a terminated employee with more leave hours than basic hours could not be calculated.

Time & Attendance enhancements

  • NEW! A new report is available in Time & Attendance. The late arrival and early departure report allows you to collect attendance records registered in your system as "early departures" or "late arrivals" for a given time period, department, location, company, and more. 

Time & Attendance improvements and fixes

  • We have improved the performance of importing leave records into the Scheduler. The process is now quicker than before. 

  • Stability enhancements have been made to the Leave Request Audit screen. When importing leave to a spreadsheet from the Import Leave Request Audit screen, the system will provide a validation error if the report contains invalid or non-existent employee codes.

  • An issue has been fixed where an Indigo Mobile app user was being permitted to update their own clockings even if the TA_ApiPunchesAttendance Update setting was not granted to that user. 

  • Shift rewards which allocate rewards for an employee clocking in during a specific time range within a scheduled shift (and not for time worked outside of scheduled time) behave as expected. 

  • Date formatting issues on clockings registered from the Indigo Mobile app have been fixed. 

  • Rewards linked to organisations or sections rather than cost centres are allocated properly.

Indigo Mobile improvement and fixes

  • Both Android and iOS versions of the app have received stability and performance enhancements; clockings data transfer between the app and Indigo Time & Attendance has improved.

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