3rd June, 2020

Indigo | Adds sequential audit referencing numbers to further help you track every action made in your system

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Can you believe that we are half-way through 2020? We have released nine new versions of the Indigo platform so far in this crazy year. Today's release, the tenth of the year, provides updates and changes to help make system auditing, inputting leave records, and finalising payrolls and even better experience for you.

Version offers you new way to sort your audit log page and audit log records in Indigo. Every action in the system is now tagged with a sequential audit reference number. You can then enable this column in your audit log page. This can help you and other administrative users who share the platform better track, organise, and reference all actions committed in Indigo.

Additionally, you can generate an audit log report according to a range of audit reference numbers.

Please visit the following articles to learn more about how you can use audit referencing in Indigo:

We also optimised the performance of the leave application form in the Leave page of Indigo and bolstered the finalise payroll validation processes. Both enhancements provide you a smoother, more efficient experience when using Indigo for your business.

Keep reading on below to discover all the enhancements and improvements we have made to your Indigo Suite.

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Indigo Platform

  • Security improvements made to enhance the platform's protection against content-sniffing practices and URL redirection attacks.

  • The speed performance of the platform has been enhanced. The system is able to retrieve employee information much quicker than before.

Indigo Payroll enhancements

  • NEW! Each and every record in your audit log is now tagged with a sequential numeric reference. This new method of sorting audit records in your Indigo system can be used in both the Audit Log page and when generating an audit log report. You can choose to show the audit reference in the Audit Log page by customising the grid; you can choose to sort your audit log report by audit reference by choosing audit reference number under Sort Order.

  • We have made improvements to the leave application form in the Leave page of Indigo. Cancelling a leave application by using the Esc key on your keyboard works as expected. We have also made the date validation mechanism to better handle date adjustments (in some cases, errors were still shown even if the user entered valid dates in the form).

  • Several new payroll finalisation validation processes have been refined and implemented in Indigo to provide you a more efficient experience when finalising payrolls. The system runs a great number of validation checks during the finalisation process, and these help the system catch any errors before the payroll is completely finalised.

  • Employees whose payment type has changed from direct credit to either manual or cheque printing will no longer be reported in a direct credit file as expected.

Indigo Payroll fixes and improvements

  • The Social Security column in the Payroll History page has been renamed to Employee SSC.

  • We improved rounding figures when using unpaid leave in payroll calculations.

  • Payroll detailed report now also supports sorting order by Employee Name or by Net.

  • Advance payment values appear in the post-tax adjustments portion of the payroll totals report as expected.

  • Unused summary and sorting options are no longer visible when generating a payroll totals report.

  • We fixed a filtering error where employees from different payroll groups or frequencies were being included in incorrect payrolls groups or frequencies as a result of the user switching between the different payrolls pre-calculation. The system will stop you from calculating a payroll if an employee that does not belong to that payroll is found.

  • The values in the taxable gross and taxable fringe benefits columns match with FS5 figures as expected.

  • We made some enhancements to the lookup mechanisms in the audit log report page to provide you a smoother experience when generating an audit log report.

  • We fixed an issue where some leave entries for certain employees were hidden from view in the Leave History tab of the employees' page.

  • We have made improvements for the system to better handle multiple data pull and push requests at any given time.

  • Reporting improvements made to the payroll gross total reports. OT concession and share options were not being included the reporting.

  • Employee codes that contain dashes will no longer cause an error when importing leave records via Excel into the system.

  • Reporting issues in the payroll detailed report have been fixed. Reallocation profiles were causing problems for the report to show correct values.

  • We fixed an issue in the monthly payroll gross totals reports caused by the system omitting OT concession tax calculations.

  • A bug was fixed that was causing invalid calculation payment details.

  • Fixes made to an issue that was causing the reference number and remarks field in the Leave History tab to be hidden.

  • The submit button will disable after a leave application has been successfully created as expected.

Indigo Time & Attendance fixes and improvements

  • We fixed an issue that was preventing you from un-ticking the Marked as Resolved box in the Attendance Exceptions screen. The problem occurred when custom value changes were made to the shift preset (such as the cost centre) on which the attendance exception occurred. This change was blocking the ability to uncheck the Marked as Resolved box. You can now make changes to shifts with attendance exceptions and then uncheck that exception as resolved without the system giving an error.

  • Fixes made to improve the performance of the recalculate allocations function.

  • The send to payroll functionality received improvements that should reduce errors in the process.

  • Imported leave records that overlap allocated shifts will produce a warning as expected.

  • Night shifts process correctly in the system as expected. The system will not report any missing time outs when the timing of the shift operates through midnight (00:00).

  • Shift presets assigned in the Scheduler which reward overtime worked on specific days calculate the said overtime as expected.

  • Overall improvements and enhancements to the import leave process were made to help reduce errors in the system.

Indigo Mobile fixes and improvements

  • We fixed a clocking in error caused by the miscommunication of the clocking via the mobile device and the time of that clocking received on the application's server. We fixed this by permitting a plus-minus timing tolerance one the server.

  • We fixed an issue where shift details were not being displayed in the Shifts page.

Indigo APIs

  • Payroll groups Read, Insert, and Update APIs

  • Short-term benefits profile rates Update, Insert, and Read APIs

  • Tax profile rates Read, Insert, and Update APIs

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