20th January 2021

Indigo | Visual improvements for "staff on leave" messages, e-signatures in reports, pop-ups in the Scheduler, and other fixes.

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[Links to notes on this version's quick fixes are found at the bottom of the page.]


This major update has several enhancements made to Indigo, including visual improvements for the "staff on leave" messages, e-signatures in reports, and pop-ups in the Scheduler.

Please read on to see what else is in store for you in Indigo


Indigo Payroll fixes and improvements

  • Ordering of employees on leave or out of the office via the "Staff on Leave/Out of Office" email is alphabetized by surname.

  • FSS tax reporting issues for FS3s have been fixed.

  • Errors preventing one from issuing a leave situation report have been fixed.

  • Leave balances are not deducted from an employee following a validation error for the issued leave request. There were instances where errors in issuing a leave request (for example, if a leave request was made outside permitted posting periods) were bypassed and the system still deducted leave balances from the employee. This has been fixed, and leave will not be deducted following a validation error.

  • After updating an employee's bank in their profile, the system will update the bank details for regenerated direct credit files.

  • E-signature alignment in documents have been improved as to not have the signature cover portions of the report.

  • Invalid value reporting in the pro-rata leave entitlement report has been fixed. There were instances where rounding issues caused invalid reporting for leave hours, entitlement hours, and payoff amount.

  • Issues where restricted days were not taken into consideration during leave application have been fixed.

  • A default Shireburn signature has been removed from messages that do not belong to any template.

  • Direct credit file issues with Revolut have been fixed and its CSV file is updated to include beneficiary details.

  • Creating a new company will appear in the company selector menu directly following the creation of the company. Logging out and logging back in to Indigo is not necessary to have the new company appear in the system.

  • The Revolut icon appears from Revolut direct credit files in the system.

  • Performance and stability enhancements for the import of basic hours, overtime, and leave entries in the payroll screen.

  • Approved leave is removed from the leave approval screen in the Employee Portal window as expected.

  • Updates to mail templates to make editing and creating Indigo e-mail templates easier have been made.

Indigo Time & Attendance fixes and improvements

  • An issue where non-T&A employees' leave records were shown in Time & Attendance reports has been fixed.

  • Users with the permission TA_ShiftPattern set to View Only are not able to save new shift patterns in the Scheduler as designed. Users with this type of permission can only insert existing shift patterns and not create new ones.

  • An issue where shifts were disappearing from the Allocations tab after switching to the Clockings tab has been fixed.

  • A warning message will appear as expected when users import punching data for an employee (one with the same employee code) under two different companies and with two different punch card numbers. The warning message will say "[#] employee(s) was/were invalid and skipped [employee code]".

  • UI fixes to the "Task Completed" pop-up seen when shifts in the Scheduler have been successfully updated.

  • Changes made to a shift in the Scheduler using the quick edit tool will be reflected on the detached shift immediately rather than after refreshing the page.

  • Performance and speed enhancements for the send to payroll functionality have been made.

  • A validation message and process added to block shifts with assigned breaks but without any complementing attendance types to be entered in the Scheduler or to be created in the Shift Preset screen.

  • An error preventing one from setting two allocations for an attendance exception has been fixed.

  • An issue where flexi-break was not being deducted when leave was taken during the same period has been fixed.

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