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The layout of Indigo Mobile
About Indigo Mobile and its main screens
About Indigo Mobile and its main screens

Learn about Indigo Mobile and how to use its Home, My Schedule and More screens

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About Indigo Mobile

The Indigo Mobile app works hand in hand with Indigo Attendance, allowing users to clock in and out for work easily from their mobile phone with a simple swipe, as well as check their work schedule easily.

Operating systems supported:

  • Android version 8.0 or later for Android phones and notebooks.

  • iOS version 12.0 or later for iPhone and iPad Touch.

  • macOS 11.0 or later with Apple M1 chip for Mac systems.

You can download Indigo Mobile from Google's Play Store here and from Apple's App Store here.

Indigo Mobile's Main Screens


Indigo Mobile's Home screen is the first screen you will see on logging into the app, giving a greeting with your full name and profile photo, along with a simplified view of your work schedule.

Hovering over the bottom right of the Work Schedule list is a shortcut clocking icon, allowing you to quickly clock in or out on signing in to the app.

You can also access Notifications and Account Information from the top right of the Home screen.

My Schedule

The second screen in the app is My Schedule. Tapping on the icon takes you to a scrollable list of dates, showing your scheduled shifts. You can scroll up to see earlier dates and down to see later dates.

Tap on a shift entry in the main view of My Schedule to see the full details for that shift.

The Schedule tab will show your schedule for the month. The selected shift will be highlighted in blue, with specific details shown below it. Details will include the shift name and hours (e.g. Support w/GT 08:00-17:00hrs), the team name (e.g. Support Team), and a break down of the shift (e.g. 'Attendance : 08:00-17:00 - 9hr/s' means the employee is expected to be present for 9 hours per shift; 'Break Flexitime : 12:00-14:00 - 1hr/s' means the employee is entitled to a 1 hour break per shift to be taken any time between 12:00 and 14:00).


The third icon in the main menu leads you to the More screen, which hosts several actions outside of the app's main features.


  • Change or Recover your Access Code: if you forget your access code or need to change it for whatever reason, tap on this action.

  • Change or Recover your Password: if you need to change your account password, press this option.

  • Log In With Biometrics: you can choose to log into the app using biometrics, like fingerprint or facial recognition. Toggle this switch on to enable or off to disable logging in with biometrics.

  • Terms & Conditions: tap this to access the Terms & Conditions at any time.

  • Provide Feedback: leave us feedback about your experience with the Indigo app here!

  • Help: press 'Help' to visit our Help Centre and access help articles about the app.

  • Logout: tap to log out of the app.

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