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Skills & Training: the Skills widget
Skills & Training: the Skills widget

Learn how to use the Skills widget in the Skills & Training's Employee Dashboard

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The Skills widget

The Skills widget allows you to add, rate, and keep track of an employee's skills. You can assign a level to each skill using a star rating system.

Adding a Skill

  1. To add a skill, type out the skill name or description in the search bar. Then either:

    1. Add a skill from the prompted dropdown list.

    2. If the skill you are looking for is not in the dropdown list, finish typing out the skill name and press Enter on the keyboard. This will create the entry for the skill.

  2. Add as many skills as needed using the methods above. When you have finished, press Update.

  3. You can then rate the newly added skills out of 5 stars. You can choose a full or half star for the rating.

Updating a Skill's Star Rating

When you need to change a skill's rating, you can click on the required star in the scale at any time, and then click on Update.

Deleting a Skill

  1. To delete a skill, click on the X icon in the top right of the skill to be deleted.

  2. Indigo will ask you to confirm that you want to unassign the skill. Click Delete.

  3. The skill will be removed from the widget.

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