16th July, 2020

Indigo | Block schedules to prevent unwanted modifications and to add your company's NACE code in company settings

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Today's update to the Indigo Suite includes the option to block your Scheduler to prevent modifications from being made to allocated shifts by other Time & Attendance users, the ability add your company's NACE code in your settings, a reporting enhancement for the leave accruals report, and other tweaks and improvements for the Payroll and Time & Attendance modules.

You may find it necessary to block your Scheduler to prevent modifications to allocated shifts made by fellow Time & Attendance users (such as department heads) before you make allocations to attendance exceptions.

You can now block your Scheduler by setting a date which prevents allocated shift modifications from being made prior to the date set.

You can now enter your company's NACE code by going to Payroll > Settings > Company Details, or when you are setting up a new company.

You can use the search icon to look up your company's NACE code. Entering your company's VAT number is another way to do this; Indigo will automatically call your company's NACE code from the Malta Enterprise web service. NACE is a component of the European statistical infrastructure for producing comparable statistics.

Please read on to find out what else we have included in this update for your Indigo Suite. Enjoy!

Indigo Payroll fixes and improvements

  • We have improved the way that the leave accruals report works. With the Include bonus in daily rate checkbox marked in the leave accruals report setup panel, the bonus value in the daily rate will be included in the daily rate value in the report.

  • Issues where calculation pay items in the grid of the payroll calculation page were not appearing have been fixed.

  • The comments section and its scroll bar in the prorata leave entitlement page show and work as expected.

  • Total gross and net total values in the payroll detailed report and the payrolls total report reconcile as expected.

  • An issue where the the calculated bonus for an employee in the payroll calculation grid was not matching the bonus reported in the said employee's payslip has been fixed.

  • Issues with permissions not being saved with new permission sets, especially when in bulk, have been fixed.

  • The replace hours function for basic hours is now working as expected when applying this to an employee who was terminated during a previous payroll period.

Indigo Time & Attendance enhancements

  • NEW! You can now block your Scheduler to prevent modifications being made to allocated shifts by fellow Indigo users before you make allocations to attendance exceptions. Read how to block your scheduler to a certain date in this article.

Indigo Time & Attendance fixes and improvements

  • An issue where attempting to create a shift pattern in the Scheduler that starts with blank days would disallow the pattern from being created has been fixed. You can now create shift patterns that start with days that have no allocated shifts as expected.

  • Attempting to save a reward for a shift preset without required conditions produces an error message as expected.

  • Issues with incorrect or absent attendance allocation tags for employees in the Resolve Attendance Exceptions page have been fixed.

  • The Clear pattern from this day onward option from the Scheduler context menu will not appear in the menu when you select a non-shift pattern.

  • Issues stemming from the Organisation Groups tab in the Shift Accessibility pop-up window in the Shift Presets page have been fixed. The Save button is no longer disabled, the selected option is no longer hidden, and the shift containing the selected option is no longer made available to all employees when an Organisation Group option was selected.

  • Clearing a shift pattern from the Scheduler in which part of the pattern was already sent to payroll works as expected.

  • Making a quick edit to an empty cell in a shift pattern in the Scheduler no longer produces an error.

  • Denied leave cancellation requests will import into the Scheduler as expected.

Indigo APIs

  • An incorrect error message was given to a user who attempted to create a pay item within a company login to which the user did not have access. This has been fixed.

  • New API call: Get Employee Image

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