6th April, 2020

Indigo | Breakdown of scheduled hours (basic hours, leave, and overtime) per employee in the Scheduler

Written by Walter Psaila
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Indigo platform improvements

  • Server-side and caching performances have been enhanced. This is noticed particularly when switching between different companies in the platform.

Payroll fixes and improvements

  • An issue where sick leave group was not available to be used when applying for leave on behalf another employee has been fixed.

  • Unfinalising a payroll and deleting employee calculations processes have received stability enhancements.

  • Rounding issues in payroll reports and employee payroll history reports were fixed. 

  • Exporting employee details has been stabilized.

  • The Audit Log Report includes only changes made to employee profiles when the word "employee" is selected under documentation type before generating the report.

  • Share options tax calculations improved with stability enhancements. 

  • FS5 reporting enhanced and made to not consider an employee's overtime tax deduction from a previous employment. If Indigo has deducted overtime concession tax to make up for overtime worked in a previous employment, the deducted tax calculation will be reported in the FS5.

  • Signatures at the bottom of e-mails delivering FS3s have been removed.

  • Payroll calculations will no longer add an employee's previous employment's overtime concession gross amounts with the current overtime concession in a payroll unless otherwise adjusted by the user.

  • When processing pro-rata leave entitlements of the same leave type with overlapping from/to dates, the system will not duplicate the processing of dates which have already been covered in another pro-rata leave entitlement. For example, if the first instance of a leave type runs from January 1-31 and the second instance of the same leave type runs from January 1-February 29, when processing the second instance of the leave type, Indigo will only consider February dates for pro-rata leave entitlements since the January dates have been processed in the first instance.

  • Basic hours can be entered in pay calculations for an employee on the same day of their termination.

  • Stabilization to data migration from SPS to Indigo Payroll.

  • Improvements made to reallocation profiles. Amounts correctly allocate by percentage to their appropriate cost centres as expected.

  • Leave accrual reports have received performance enhancements and stabilization. The report will show leave accruals for the selected company as expected.

Time & Attendance enhancements

  • NEW! Scheduled hours analysis is now available in the Scheduler. This column provides a breakdown of basic hours, overtime, and leave hours for an employee in your Scheduler to help you verify the correct number of hours an employee should have allocated to them for the week.

  • Options for printing schedules have expanded to include choices for showing cost centres, occupations, and analysed hours.

  • Values in the Costings column of the Scheduler will automatically recalculate when a shift is copy and pasted into a new cell. The total values will also recalculate automatically when inserting a new shift into a cell. 

  • The response time of the quick edit function in the Scheduler has improved. 

  • Printed schedulers from the Scheduler will now include employees' codes under the employees' names.

Time & Attendance fixes and improvements

  • When creating an Attendance Flexitime shift preset, the in/out tolerances field will be disabled. 

  • The allocation pop-up window in the Attendance Exception screen has received enhanced stability.

  • Calculation and stabilization fixes have been made to shift preset rewards.

  • The Modified By and Modified On columns in the Attendance Exception page have received stability improvements.

  • The scheduled hours and cost detailed reports received tweaks to improve data output. 

  • Deleting shifts which are scheduled prior to another shift in the same day works as expected. 

  • The name of the permission to allow users to delete a clocking in Indigo T&A changed from TA_ApiPunchesAttendance to TA_PunchesAttendance.

Indigo Mobile fixes and improvements

  • Clocking in for shifts received stability enhancements. 

New API objects available

  • Companies [Read] - allows you to read company details including name, installation code, modification and creation details, and tags.

  • Company bank accounts [Update; Insert; Read] - allows you to get, put, or read details about company bank accounts in Indigo, including bank code, IBAN, customer ID, SEPA file password, and more.

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